GreenSonic® Systems

Next level environmental friendly anti-fouling

Greensonic® is a environmental friendly alternative for copper based impressed current anti-fouling systems (ICAF). The GreenSonic® anti-fouling system will prevent your cooling system from overheating caused by marine fouling. The advanced, programmable, ultrasound system assists in keeping operational costs low and improves the heat transfer factor.

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Next level anti-fouling solution

How it works.

Watch our short animation to get an introduction of our anti-fouling solution.


Components and


A central control module with display (TFT screen), which can be readout directly on the power unit and is further equipped with an ethernet connection, email service and internal data storage. It provides communication between the various generator modules in the same cabinet and/or coupled additional cabinets.


On request, the system can also be expanded with an external monitoring system. In that case, GreenSonic® system can be read, monitored and managed remotely.


Each box cooler will be equipped with two converters (small boxcoolers with one converter), connected to a generator module. These rail mounted modules can easily be exchanged if needed.


Each generator module can also function independently, so in the event of a failure of the central unit or another generator module, the remaining generator modules will continue to function independently.

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