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GreenSonic® anti-fouling systems to prevent bio fouling from reducing the efficiency of your installation.

Environmental friendly alternative for copper based impressed current anti-fouling systems (ICAF). The GreenSonic® anti-fouling system will prevent your cooling system from overheating or blockages caused by marine fouling. The advanced, programmable, ultrasound system assists in keeping operational costs low and improves the heat transfer factor.


Innovation is key

Within the worldwide maritime sector, The Netherlands takes the lead. We are known for our smart solutions, experiences and, above all, innovations. At GreenSonic®, we apply our long-time experiences and expertise with the latest technologies and dedicated software. We continuously invest in R&D and innovation through our well-equipped research department, and keep forging ahead to provide you with the most effective anti-fouling solution.

We care for our planet

We want to leave the world better than we found it. So, caring for our planet matters. With the development of GreenSonic®, we provide shipowners with the option to improve water quality and at the same time avoid the negative effect the improved marine life has on the efficiency of cooling systems. In this way we contribute to a better sea life, without the drawbacks this has on industrial plant.

GreenSonic® – The Power of Green.

Discover the possibilities of GreenSonic® anti-fouling for your ship. Start today and contact the experts at GreenSonic®.