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To achieve global climate goals, the maritime industry must make a significant contribution.

This has consequences for the way in which we intensively use the world’s seas for transport and leisure. GreenSonic® offers you a whole new perspective on sailing anytime, anywhere. We provide shipowners with the latest innovation in the field of ultrasonic anti-fouling technology. Our technology reduces the emission of poisonous and harmful substances, increases reliability and is very cost-effective.

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Next level anti-fouling solution

The Power Of Green

Using ultrasound to prevent objects from fouling isn’t a new technology. However, we succeeded in realizing an entire new anti-fouling solution. GreenSonic® was initially developed to protect cooling systems against marine fouling. GreenSonic® systems provide fouling prevention for other applications as well. Our advanced, programmable, ultrasound system not only reduces the emission of harmful and poisonous materials, but also costs.

GreenSonic systems

Key features


Low Costs


No consumables


Care for the environment


Ultrasound converters directly mounted on the tube plate (!)


Frequency/energy plots to determine highest possible power output


Plug and play, also for existing systems. No dry docking needed


Frequency spectrum and pattern can be adjusted to match the specific acoustic requirements of an object


Optional monitoring of inlet and outlet temperatures of cooling medium

Discover the possibilities of GreenSonic® anti-fouling for your ship. Start today and contact the experts at GreenSonic®.